Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-saharan Africa with a high mobile penetration rate at 85%. Currently the fixed broadband operators in Kenya include, Wananchi, Access Kenya, Jamii, Liquid, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya. 

Kenya has become the regional ICT leader in East and Central Africa and considered one of the top innovation hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa  with several blue chip tech companies having established their headquarters here. The opportunity to provide Value Added Services and optimize bandwidth utilization is attractive. 

In Kenya, Moja Access part of CSquared group, is venturing into the enterprise space by providing Managed Services to its end users in order to optimize their bandwidth resources 

Managed Services

Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (WAN) is a new approach to network connectivity that optimizes costs

Business Services

Video conferencing facilities are critical to business operations, increasing collaboration and creating efficiencies.

Google Meet solution for your office:

  • Host meetings with up to 250 participants

  • Adaptive layouts for your screens

  • Live closed captions

  • Live stream to up to 100,000 viewers

  • Record meetings to watch or share later

  • Works with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides: all the apps your teams know and love

Cloud and IT Services

Cloud services

IT Systems, Information and business intelligence is a basic utility for every business especially in Africa, a developing continent . However, most companies operating in legacy systems see information technology and systems related costs keep increasing without or with minimum commensurate increase in value addition.

This is the problem that Csquared solves. We rearchitect your legacy systems set up your IT and related systems infrastructure on a reputable cloud provider that best fits your technology strategy and have it leased/rented out to you at a reduced rate, thus taking away the expense and headache of having to buy and maintain aspects of your own IT infrastructure in-house.
No more worrying about hardware procurement, power, cooling, upgrading, scheduled maintenance, etc.

We also offer the following additional services:

CSquared’s Network Operations Center (NOC) & Monitoring

We enable organizations to gain full visibility into their network, so they can detect anomalies and either take steps to prevent problems or quickly resolve issues as they emerge. Our NOC oversees infrastructure and equipment (from wiring to servers), wireless systems, databases, firewalls, various related network devices (including IoT devices and smart phones), telecommunications, dashboards and reporting.
Other NOC services also available include monitoring customer support calls and help desk ticketing systems, and integration with customers’ network tools, so the NOC plays a huge role in ensuring a positive customer experience.

IT/Cloud services consultancy

Our team is experienced in a variety of cloud computing solutions, such as cloud migration strategy, cloud migration services, and cloud-native design and development.

We are a full-service business consulting and technology solutions company, we also can provide integrated solutions that complement technical cloud work. For instance, our change management services help businesses manage the process and workforce changes that come with moving to the cloud.

In addition, we offer a full range of support for leading-edge technologies such as IoT and Big Data. We have helped companies develop everything from small proof of concepts to full production implementations allowing them to innovate quicker and cheaper by leveraging the cloud.