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Liberia is located in West Africa, bordering Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast with a population of 4.8M. CSquared is the only wholesale infrastructure provider with 180+ Kms of metro fiber in Monrovia, providing services to all MNOs, ISPs and the Government of Liberia. 

CSquared Liberia entered into a tripartite partnership with the Government of Liberia and USAID to connect 51 Government Institutions to high speed reliable networks. This partnership was created after the Ebola virus outbreak in Liberia and the need for infrastructure, digitization initiatives, and economic development in the capital Monrovia was realized.

Services available in Liberia include Leased Capacity and Dark Fiber which are mostly used by MNOs to connect their base stations. Managed Ethernet and Capacity Pool are targeted at enterprise connections like the banks and small to medium businesses.


CSquared enables Mobile Network Operators to connect their base stations and provide high-quality broadband at lower costs through shared infrastructure to any location.


CSquared builds and operates wholesale fiber-optic networks in Monrovia, making it possible for government offices,  educational institutions, health care centers and other public or private entities to connect to the Internet using resilient fiber connections. 


CSquared has plans to build  over 350 km of fiber from Monrovia to the  border of Guinea and Ivory Coast.