Lightspeed Network

CSquared enables MNOs and ISPs to provide high-quality broadband at lower costs through shared infrastructure such as metro fiber and Wi-Fi networks. Our shared infrastructure model means we work alongside our partners, building networks they can leverage to provide better services to end-users.

We have seen how connecting metros in Africa to existing long-distance fiber lines has helped to provide these cities with a foundation for growth and help more people get online. We are excited to accelerate this growth in the rest of Africa.


Building access infrastructure is transformative.

What we do

Metro Fiber

Metro fiber networks demand high availability. CSquared provides dedicated, high bandwidth, secure and scalable solutions with virtually unlimited bandwidth to help our customers connect to locations within the metro.


CSquared provides a layer-2 WiFi service allowing ISPs and MNOs to broadcast a unique SSID on the network in order to provide high-speed broadband services to end-users.


Since our customers demand for more intensive bandwidth, CSquared seeks to offer matured fiber networks to enable the revolution of consumer needs with deployment of various access points e.g. FTTT, FTTB, FTTH e.t.c


Shared open-access backbone infrastructure reduces capex & opex for transmission costs leading to focused quality of service.

Managed Service

Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (WAN) is a new approach to network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage.

Business Services

Video conferencing facilities are critical to business operations, increasing collaboration and efficiencies within the organization.

Customers using CSquared infrastructure: MNOs, ISPs, and 4G/LTE operators
Customer sites connected on our fiber: base stations, enterprises, SMEs, homes, etc.
Kilometers of metro fiber deployment in Uganda, Ghana and Liberia.
Manholes, handholes, and breakout points for quick connection of sites.



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